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Adventure Water Care stands out as an Innovative leader in the field of swimming pool maintenance, sales, and services, located in Indore, extending our reach throughout India.

Our proficiency in contracting, subcontracting, general project installation and maintenance services positions us as a comprehensive one-stop solution provider for a spectrum of offerings, including Swimming Pools, Water Parks, Fountains, Steam Baths, Sauna Baths, Jacuzzis, and their Annual Maintenance. Additionally, we offer expert consultancy services, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled support and guidance in the water care domain.


Competent Technicians

Adventure Water Care's competent technicians have a wealth of knowledge in providing various services to maintains the equipment in top condition. Using their expertise, they examine, solve issues, and upkeep systems, ensuring maintenance, equipment troubleshooting, and delivering exceptional service for an unforgettable experience.


Gratification Guarantee

Adventure Water Care promises gratification guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction with our top-notch products, services and solutions. We prioritize quality, reliability, and customer delight. Experience peace of mind as we transform your experience, making every activity refreshing and enjoyable.


24/7 Uninterrupted Customer Service

Adventure Water Care offers unparalleled 24/7 uninterrupted customer service, ensuring round-the-clock support for all your needs. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you at any hour, providing exceptional service and peace of mind.

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Our Best Pool Services For You!

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"Dive into excellence with Adventure Water Care – where innovation meets satisfaction, making every splash a refreshing and unforgettable experience!"

Adventure Water Care is the forefront of innovation in swimming pool maintenance, sales, and services, headquartered in Indore and extending our influence nationwide. As a comprehensive one-stop solution provider, our expertise spans contracting, subcontracting, general project installation, and maintenance services for Swimming Pools, Water Parks, Fountains, Steam Baths, Sauna Baths, Jacuzzis, and Annual Maintenance Services. Additionally, our Chemical Division offers top-notch products crucial for water quality, while our distribution ensures seamless nationwide availability. With competent technicians, a gratification guarantee, and 24/7 customer service, Adventure Water Care ensures an unforgettable, refreshing, and enjoyable experience for all your needs and elevate standards in the dynamic field of swimming pool and services across India.


Annual Maintenance Services

we ensure your pool's peak performance with comprehensive annual maintenance, preserving water quality and equipment longevity for worry-free enjoyment.

Economical Pricing

Enjoy crystal-clear savings with our budget-friendly packages, delivering top-notch swimming pool services without compromising quality or your financial comfort.

Punctual & Trustworthy

Count on our punctuality and unwavering trustworthiness. Our reliable team consistently delivers timely services, providing peace of mind for your swimming pool needs.

Personalized Solutions

Tailored to your pool's unique requirements, we offer personalized solutions that address specific needs, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience tailored just for you.

Work Process

How it Work Processing

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Initial Consultation

At Adventure Water Care, the work process begins with an insightful "Initial Consultation."


Regular Cleaning

At Adventure Water Care, our work process revolves around meticulous regular cleaning to maintain your pool's pristine condition year round.


Water Analysis

Adventure Water Care prioritizes your well-being with our meticulous Water Analysis Services.


Equipment Inspection

Adventure Water Care excels in Equipment Inspection Services, guaranteeing the safety and optimal functioning of crucial pool equipment

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Quality Service, Crystal Clear Results

Adventure Water Care is a leading provider of swimming pool maintenance, sales, and services. Our offerings include contracting, subcontracting, general project installation, and maintenance services for Swimming Pools, Water Parks, Fountains, Steam Baths, Sauna Baths, Jacuzzis, and Annual Maintenance Services. Additionally, we excel in chemical distribution, offering essential products for water quality.

Adventure Water Care offers tailored annual packages for Annual Maintenance Services, ensuring worry-free ownership and the preservation of the pristine condition of your swimming pool. Contact us to discuss and customize a package that suits your needs.

Adventure Water Care offers a comprehensive range of Swimming Pool Services, including Above- Ground Pool, Architectural Pool, Family Pool, Indoor Pool, Infinity Pool, Kiddie Pool, Lap Pool, Natural Pool, Olympic Size Pool, Plunge Pool, and Spool Pool.

Adventure Water Care provides Water Park services with various designs tailored for different locations and age groups. Our services cover Outdoor Adventure Water Park, Indoor Adventure Water Park, Hotel & Resort Adventure Water Park, Retails Adventure Water Park, Amusement & Theme-based Adventure Water Park, Cruise Adventure Water Park, Municipal Adventure Water Park, and Zoos Adventure Water Park etc

Yes, Adventure Water Care offers top-notch pool equipment installation services, ensuring a hassle- free and efficient process for pool pumps, filters, heaters, and more.

Adventure Water Care's Product Division offers a wide range of products, including Side Mounted Filter Plant, Top Mounted Filter Plant, Top Mounted Multiport Valve, Curved Brush, Drain Grill SS, Flexible Hose, Wall Connector, SS Ladder, Telescopic Pole, Deep Bag Net, and many more.

Adventure Water Care's Chemical Division provides high-quality swimming pool chemicals, including TCCA, ALGINEX, ALUM, Bleaching Powder, Dry Acid, and Test Kits.

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